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☭ I'm Óskar, an 18 year old Icelandic boy. These are a bunch of pictures, I guess. ☭

how to not kiss your crush when you get the chance and then lose them a short story by me

just consider the fact that the drag queen performing austria’s entry in eurovision this year calls herself Conchita Wurst, which translates to Pussy Sausage

saw Björk, Mammút, Patti Smith, Samaris, Of monsters and men and Lykke Li at a benefit concert for the protection of icelandic nature tonight

not disappointed

So I was riding the bus and these two young boys were sitting in front of me. They were harassing two girls sitting on the other side of the aisle, throwing things at them to get their attention. The girls told them to stop and grow up, at which point one of the boys replied “hey polack (apparently one of the girls was of polish descent), I can make one phone call and get you raped.”

I hit him in the back of the head so fucking hard.

[[seductively does nothing to indicate I’m attracted to you]]

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Alberto Barrera, Poet and Screenwriter

From the Globe and Mail:

Inflation is running at over 50 per cent, a raging black market buys dollars at more than 10 times the official rate, domestic industry has all but shut down; there are critical shortages of many consumer staples, including corn flour for arepas, the national breakfast. TV stations – now all state-controlled – are full of ads that alternately denounce capitalism or show square-shouldered actors talking about how they don’t hoard and buy only what they need. Billboards boast of how socialist Venezuela has never been stronger; yet almost no one has toilet paper in their bathrooms.

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i don’t know what to say about the current situation in Venezuela,
nor have i known what to say about the ongoing socioeconomic catastrophe that its been. This has deeply effected me my entire life and 8 years ago my father was literally thrown out of Venezuela by Chavez for expressing his views.

my mother is in Caracas and this is what she just told me :

“the meat is all rotting and the shelves are completely empty at the supermarket…..its like a ghost town but instead of empty and quiet it’s swollen with fear and tension, i tried to go for a walk but got so scared i had to run back home……”

I’ve been asking her what she thinks i should do, how can i possibly help?

with the passing of Simon Diaz it seems one of the last of the cultural lights has gone out, at least in terms of someone with a voice that would be heard through the established channels and by the majority of the population.

I still can’t even talk about Simon, I’ve just been listening to his music day and night, i can’t talk about him and how much he MEANS to me, how brilliant a writer, singer, comedian, everything he was…so important to me…somehow it was easier to talk to friends and family about my grandfather, who passed two days after Simon in Caracas , than its been to utter a word about Tio Simon….

the Channels of communication that remain, (and don’t think that the police state government of Venezuela hasn’t tried to shut that down either) are this, forums/blogs/facebook/twitter and every other web based outlet.

from what my cousin has shared with me what’s really frightening is that its the MAJORITY that’s speaking up, and its the minority that’s suppressing them at all costs.

hired thugs are beating anyone that MIGHT speak out and murdering anyone that does…..

“may my sons death not be in vain” reads a blanket hanging from a balcony building in Caracas.

the world is watching and my only hope is that if more and more people speak up , share their ideas , just include the WORD Venezuela in whatever their dialogue or discussion may be it might speed up the involvement of the world press and the UN/US.

this isn’t about politics (which i know almost nothing about ) its about HUMAN RIGHTS.

The only reason i’m really writing this is in the hopes that maybe one person in Venezuela reads this and I’m writing this in english in the hopes that maybe one person NOT in Venezuela reads this.

Everything i’m writing down right now is not thought out, my heart is pounding and head is racing after the conversation i just had with my mother, picturing her there, alone, in the heart of the city.

i should probably wait, calm down, compose myself, but there is no time.

Please reach out to anyone you know who is in Venezuela, find out what’s really happening and ask how you think you can help.

Thank you for reading this,

Devendra Banhart


Devendra just shared this heartbreaking letter on his Facebook.

There are so many terrible, terrifying things happening all over the world today, and I feel so helpless. Everyone around me surrounds themselves with distractions, but it never feels quite right…

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i just say things and hope they’re socially acceptable

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